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bysteppke, June 3, 2010
Extension is not evolving since long time. There are a lot of flaws that make this extension not usable in live environment.

Some features are good but nearly all of them are implemented very poorly. Here 2 examples:

if someone wants to submit an event from frontend he has to undertake inappropriate confuse steps (hit apply in middle of the form) to be able to sell tickets.

Google map will not recognize the written address from the user and he has to additionally point the marker on the map. I had to spent 2 hours reading the google maps API only to include autogecode by myself.

The developers do not invest time in this extension. So if you want an evolving and intuitive extension you should better chose another extension than rsevents.
bysteppke, April 30, 2010
Efficiently programmed therefor fast and clean, all requested features, in short words: THE outstandig solution for bookings in timeslots - excellent for my needs.
bysteppke, December 11, 2009
Very easy module that works nearly on auto-pilot. Thanks for that. I stay tuned for the different marker colors like you announced 3 months ago for the next small version improvement. keep up
bysteppke, October 23, 2009
Hotspots Pro
This extension is very promising and the guy behind that is very skilled. Unfortunately the extension is not yet mature for livesites since there are some real bugs with JS and furthermore it is still missing a module which should be standard for a component since most people dont want to use the maps as maincontent but as an addition to it. I do hope this standards will be released soon and i claim my wish for a Pro version which will be updated on a more regular basis.
bysteppke, September 3, 2009
Shape 5 Text Ticker
This fits a gap if you want to link easily to non-content links. so here you can link to components, externlinking, etc. you can style easily since html is accepted. No creation of an article needed to link - beautiful.

This certainly is something most of the other tickers lack, even better its from a trusted source like shap5.

Thanks guys, this is what i was looking for after discovering that other tickers do not fill this need.
Extra Vote
the extension works like expected but I really have to point out that the developer is obviously very unfriendly and does not care a rotten nut about inputs or questions about his extension. on the forum there are unsolved questions asked sometimes from more than 6 people but the developer, even if online, does not answer them constantly. i did not participate on the forum because all the questions i had were already stated multitimes without an answer. the extension also opens doors, like the core rating does too, for voting abuse since only the last ip is stored and checked. unfortunately this question for improvement was asked from more than 8 persons but never get an answer. so if you don't like arrogant and ignorant support when you'r stranded, you might chose another extension.
bysteppke, July 6, 2009
thank you for sharing this with us. you have done an excellent job by coding this extension. it makes our job lot..lot..lot..lot..lot easier.
bysteppke, June 4, 2009
Honestly IMO one of the best extensions at JED. It unleashes Joomla to great flexibility and power. If you realise the power of Carsten Engel's extension your pulse goes faster and you feel like founding one of the true pearls at JED. With P & I you can achieve everything your capable to imagine. Thanks so much Carsten for making this possible. Your brilliant
bysteppke, June 2, 2009
I am kind of speechless ...

This is an awesome extension with a lot of flexibility. The developer(s) are evolving the extension further and further. I like it very much and I do hope that the developer(s) behind this will do other extensions for joomla... he has great skills.
bysteppke, May 24, 2009
Mini FrontPage
I tested this extension out and i had to do little modifications bymyself because of poor programming. I do not recommend this to anyone who needs customisation because there is absolutely NO SUPPORT.
bysteppke, April 22, 2009
2J Tabs
This is a power pure extension. i highly recommend this excellent piece of work.

this is far more than a tabsmanager. in my case i use this extension to arrange articles at random order on categorie pages. i can define exactly how many articles to display on each page/tab, the rest is done automaticly. its kind of ajax pagination module in my case.

the flexibility makes this extension so worthy. you can display sections/categories, modules or even modulpositions in tabs. The most amazing thing for me is the high range of ordering you can chose from (11 options!!). although 2Jtabs is highly flexible, the extension is really easy to use. i am not a developer and i set up tabs in 2 minutes.

the support is awesome. i had 2 questions and a template fix which were done in a few minutes by responding immediately. i have to say that i would love to see a support forum too but you know what ... only the result counts: fast, friendly and fixed

knowing the other tabs extensions at JED, 2Jtabs topped my expectations and now i dont want to miss this extension anylonger.

i am a happy man because this extension can do things for me that can not be done by other extensions.

thank you. thank you. thank you