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bystepson, January 24, 2013
QR Codes Local 2.5
Except some troubles with writing rights issues in cache folder, works like a charm.
Missing a web site and support for troubleshooting the cache issue !
Owner's reply

If you would like to download the new version I have updated the module and the plugin.
Thanks for the feedback.

bystepson, January 24, 2013
QR Codes Local
Only missing some support for troubleshooting (problems of rights on the files written in the cache and the folder qrcodes_local not created. this could be a joomla issue too).
For the rest, really the easiest to use.
bystepson, November 11, 2008
I had a specific problem : display 1 or many modules, this is done excelently by MetaMod, but also sometime no module...

This was not so simple as Joomla starts a module box as MetaMod is published.... So you often comes to layout problems with an outer box for metamod modules, and then inner boxes for each indivdual modules.

The solution found is to give to metamod a false class suffix that don't exist in your CSS (nohilite or whatever you want as soon as it doesn't exist in your CSS).

Then the outer box of MetaMod is not styled, and you see either nothing, or the inner modules with their respective styles.

This module is simply a "must have" module in any Joomla site.