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bysterfry, July 8, 2010
Qlue Accordion
I needed something to show articles in limited space , vertically and within an article. This tool did the three better than and nearly anything else I tried.

What it does it does very well. Got it running in 2 minutes. Very clean tool - which means it fit into my sit with great ease.

Who says you need to over do it to make a great module.

Excellent Work!
bysterfry, July 8, 2010
Ajax Contact
I purchased this script after looking at several - some free some more expensive. I chose it because it seemed straight forward (enough power to create a good contact form, but not cumbersome in details). I especially like the AJAX and the custom fields with buttons, radio, etc.

I purchased a form tool for $50 last year that I can only use on one domain that essentially did very little more.

Very pleased with this product, very pleased with customer service. I highly recommend this product.
bysterfry, July 12, 2008
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2J Tabs
In the past week I have tested at least 10 module sliders, tabs in content areas and such. In my research two things happened. I found that two many Java scripts on one page usually means that most or none of them might run. I also found that Many tabs in content have one tool or another, but none had the user set that I found in this one component/plugin.

PROS: It works!
Although that should be enough, it came with more styles than any that I tested.
It had more controls beyond needed to change the CSS to make the layout look like my site.
Great Support! Fast answers and relatively simple to get information concerning product from site. Explanations were solid, thanks.

CONS: It costs money. But this is only a CON in the sense that there may be someone who is willing to use 4 or 5 tools to get what this has in one.
Having really noticed anymore downsides yet. Have been using for 5 days now.

To me it was worth the price. Beyond funky slider and Gavick Tab Module, this tool will get plenty of use in my articles because the component feature in it much like the Gavick Tool Module means that I will have lots of articles that I use the Tab component to keep track of. At first this seems like a small thing when you get something free. However,when you discover you have 100 articles and tabbed content in many of them, you realize that organization is important.

Kudos guys.