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bysterlingsr, February 20, 2013
Virtual Domains
Finally, there is a way to implement multiple domains in Joomla! This is a straight up extension in the best spirit of open source. Is it perfect? No. Is the documentation great? No. Does it function perfectly with caching? No. Is there spam on their support forum? Yes

Does it work? YES! and a huge thank you to the developers.

With a small investment in time and some application of critical thinking skills one can have a reliably functioning multi-domain Joomla website.

I am amazed at those that would snipe and complain about this component. Grow up and write a better implementation or pitch in and help the developers. How about spending your time and energy to do something useful. I will not hold my breath.

Thank you again!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your criticism and for the suggestions.
I agree with all of that. Note that the need of multi site design had been discussed by a Joomla working group (
Multi domain support is a frequently desired feature. I would do my part to work for that goal. But I have not really enough time to provide serious and permanent support.