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bysteve7, February 1, 2008
Just a note for french users, some versions of Artio Joomsef and also the free adaptations don't have all the non ascii character replacements needed, so here is what you need to add to the configuration.

Á|A, À|A, Â|A, Ä|A, É|E, È|E, Ê|E, Ë|E, Í|I, Ì|I, Î|I, Ï|I, Ó|O, Ò|O, Ô|O, Ö|O, Ú|U, Ù|U, Û|U, Ü|U, á|a, à|a, â|a, ä|a, é|e, è|e, ê|e, ë|e, í|i, ì|i, î|i, ï|i, ó|o, ò|o, ô|o, ö|o, ú|u, ù|u, û|u, ü|u