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bystevenjackson75, December 28, 2010
Let me first say ... I understand this extension can probably be made to work. However, it is seldom that I run across an extension that gives so many problems right off the bat. (you can see the most popular thing on support site is "I'm having trouble installing Lifestream" etc ...) I tried it on 2 server setups, 2 separate sites, (after having to install manually) then got off-the-wall errors on both sites. And since the Joomlashack folks don't give refunds ... I'd say buy at your own risk. Again, I'm sure there's some good support to help fix the problems (and Joomlashack is traditionally a good company) but geez I'm not use to this much run-around to make a Joomla extension play nice.
Owner's reply

We're sorry that you had trouble installing our product, and you are correct that in some certain server environments Lifestream may not install without updating a setting or two. Since you didn't take advantage of our support, we cannot say why this might be, but so far we have been able to help anyone set it up that has contacted us. I encourage you to do so, and if we are unable to get it running we will provide a refund (as we have done for cases where a product was purchased but cannot be used). Lifestream uses some features of PHP that are standard, but we have come to find some hosting providers disable a lot of PHP functionality in the name of security. In reality they are disabling a lot more than necessary, and making it hard to use more advanced functionality of PHP.