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bystevetsi, December 4, 2009
While Project Fork may not satisfy the likes of a Gant-chart-addicted engineering development team the functionality if offers to first time users and small-budget development teams is unequivocally the best in class for any CMS.

One can argue that Basecamp, like other hosted solutions, provides superior feature depth and that Microsoft Project is much more powerful - but, these programs all lack that mainline connection to your website, can cost a lot of money, and limit accessibility to your own information.

Project Fork is about building upon your existing Joomla infrastructure, including it's user-base and developing a collaborative solution which allows Project Tracking accompanied by dedicated Task Lists, Versioned File Storage with comments (Pro version), Messaging (like a forum) and Task-based Time Tracking.

As with any tool, one should always examine their requirements first and *then* determine if the tool suffices. Project Fork absolutely delivers on it's promises.

It's a free component, but I highly encourage throwing some monetary support at these guys - they deserve it!