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bystevi19, April 11, 2012
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Even with easy installation consider following before installing this component.
This is my experience checked on live portal site and on local VPS machine

1.MySQL database shell dramatically grow up. If your database was 4MB after installing this component it
shell grow up minimum to 40MB. A lot of tables shell be created.

2.Its difficult to manage footers on Mobile devices.

3. Standard version is not in correct view

4. If there is virus attack then it is impossible after cleaning , to check is site ok on other platforms
for example on Samsung the virus can be still present , and there are a lot of tables to check
Owner's reply

1. Mobile Joomla! is able to detect almost any mobile device in details, to serve the best user experience possible. Device information is stored in database, which requires space. In our earlier versions, database had significant size as you mentioned, however, in our latest releases we listened your feedback and it's optimised to take much less space. You can also use Mobile Joomla! Pro, which uses remote device detection, and does not use any database of your server at all.
2. Footers are Joomla! modules and their management are not different than managing Joomla! modules.
3. Mobile Joomla! has no effect/control over the display of your standard (desktop) website
4. Mobile Joomla! is open source software and is related & can not be responsible of any virus attack you'd get on your server or mobile device.