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bysteviecripps, July 20, 2012
First off I need to mention the support from - which has been absolutely first class. Response times have been amazing, even over the weekend and they have gone above and beyond my expectations, so - thank you guys!

Now the product.

I was about to take on a coder to produce a mechanism within joomla that could send out multiple feeds from one article, that would not only cover the social networking aspect with RSS feeds but post feeds on another one of my sites as well.

Well - that line was disconnected when I discovered Easyblog, which is actually an absolute god send if you want to expose yourself to the net in a simple and effective way.

It is hugely configurable and easy to set up, although the guys at stackideas can do this for you for a few extra dollars.

Not only is it a great blogging platform but a multi social networking tool that I really couldn't do without now.

If you are just a blogger than this is immense, if you are like me and using it as tool to promote your business expect a good return on this investment with its magical SEO properties!

One of the best components I have purchased at a decent price!
bysteviecripps, October 7, 2010
Pro Image Flow
As far as I am concerned the team behind these modules are doing a fantastic job. Somewhere along the line I have used all of them and not once have they ever let me down. I love how easy they are to install and once up how reliable they are. The only thing that has surprised me is how low the price has stayed... Very impressive.. If you are deciding between this and other variants don't waste your time looking and get the job done NOW!