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bystewart9643, January 27, 2013
Love Factory
I set out to build a site around this extension and decided to invest is three other extensions from the same firm. This requires a significant amount of financial investment compared to other extensions. I don't mind outlaying good money when a return of my investment is possible, but in terms of outlay verse quality of return I have to recommend that developers look elsewhere. I decided to upgrade to a newer version with hopes that maybe it would resolve issues arising from the original install. It requires complete removal of the old package, sql tables and all and still brings up errors. I tried to install chat factory but after 4 attempts it finally installed, with errors still showing. This is by far the most expensive outlay of cash since using Joomla, yet it is probably the worst product I have come across.
Owner's reply

It's really strange that you felt the need for this review stating it's "the worst product you came across", especially since you are constantly using it and also after placing the review, acquired a new license, renewing the existing one :)

bystewart9643, November 5, 2012
I had a need on a intranet style site for a file repository that was simple and quick for a secretary to use, tidy in appearance and cheap. As a subscriber to Docman the answer was there all the time. FILEman is a time saver. Just drag the files from your C drive into the folder. How simple can it get. It even lets you know when someone has uploaded.
There is also the traditional upload method for the purists. Plans for the next release will take it from good to perfect and a "Must Have" for any site where file sharing or intranet capabilities are required. Highly recommended
bystewart9643, June 25, 2012
This products works, and works well. Just installed the new version of Joomdle with Moodle2.3 and all went well. When first setting it up, READ THE DOCS. They are good. Joomla + Moodle + Joomdle = Good Educational Website, especially at the price. Support (not that you'll need it)is excellent.
bystewart9643, December 27, 2011
If you are looking for a directory style extension this is the one. The only issue seems to be getting it to work on different servers. Install the non-commercial version before spending your money. I could only get the software to work on one server out of four. This meant most of my sites had to be moved to the appropriate server to get it to work at the sacrifice of other features the other servers offered. My main site which is with a different (high end) host cannot run the software because that host refuses to modify the server due to security concerns. If you can get it to work, it's worth the money.
bystewart9643, September 22, 2011
Profile Pro for Community Builder
For all those CB users who complain CB layouts are dull and boring, there is an answer! It took a while to get my head around how it works, but once I worked it out, it was simplicity itself. If your site has different types of users or you are creating a basic intranet, this your answer. Not sure where to start, install a free template and watch it all take shape. Worth every cent...