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bystiklewert, April 19, 2012
Joom Donation
I use this extension to allow university students to collect donations for sponsored events, to create a justgiving style site where the students were not collecting for a registered charity. I'm reasonably experienced with Joomla! but certainly no expert.

I had some difficulties with getting the campaign IDs to link with the display donor module but after contacting Tuan I recieved first class, and very quick, support. He modified the module and some of the configuration parameters and it now works like a charm.

There are a couple of features I'd like to see incorporated - the ability to display donor comments alongside the donated amount (or as a seperate module) and the ability to display the amount raised so far without the need for the less than beautiful donation 'thermometers' currently included. The documentation on the site is practically non-existant so it's difficult to work out issues for yourself, but this becomes a mute point when Tuan responds so quickly and thoroughly to any support ticket raised.

Generally this is an excellent and relatively straightforward component to use and I'm extremely happy with the support I received. Well worth the small price Keep up the great work!