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bystilero, February 23, 2012
Nice PayPal Downloads
This extension really does what it says, and it does it great. We are using this extension to sell our downloadable extensions and it has never failed. Easy to set up and easy to use. Great job!
bystilero, November 24, 2011
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Multi Sites
This extension seemed like exactly what i needed, so I decided to buy the download. With hours of reading the poor documentation, I finally managed to make the extension do something close to what I wanted. Since the documentation is so bad, and sometimes written in really poor english, you really have to struggle to get it work. This extension look like something built by a developer FOR a developer, and not really meant for the public.

Another thing that's not helping, is that this extension i really user-unfriendly, with descriptions really hard to understand even with the documentation in hand. For example, when creating sites from the frontend, I really don't understand why the user have to enter both alias and prefix? The prefix should be autocreated, and not put on the user registring.

The worst thing about this extension is that in order to "sell installations" you have to buy quouta from the developer. Really disturbing and hard to find information about on their website.

I really hope that this extension gets forked in order to get a good idea work for the public. Since the developer doesn't care about more than the user's money.

I'm strongly considering this myself right now in my frustration over this bad extension.