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bystillrach, September 19, 2008
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VirtueMart installed very smoothly, lots of features. Works fine for a new shop without an existing product list. The one feature I wanted to use was the import/export feature component. There is lots of useful advice on delimiters etc, but unless you want to do it through phpAdmin I'd wait until this component has been updated.
bystillrach, September 18, 2008
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Phoca Guestbook
Having read all the wonderful reviews I finally thought I'd found the answer to my guestbook problems in 1.5.x!! Installation was smooth, documentation is good. Used it for the first time - error with HTML purfifier - so I went on the forum and found lots of other users have the same problem. Support in forum replies that "..this is an external application used by Phoca Guestbook which protect the guestbook against internet attacks like XSS attacks...", "So I cannot say what can be wrong with the html purifier on your site" !!!! Very frustrating.... I'd give it miss until this issue is sorted out.
Owner's reply

Hi, check your server settings, if your server supports ctype functions (HTML purifier uses these functions - )

BTW - with your "very poor" rating, you in effect say, I should not implement security functions. If I don't implement HTML purifier library, so the guestbook will work for all without any problems and Phoca Guestbook will not get "very poor" rating... BUT I SAY NO, I will implement every security library which can help users to protect their sites... So if e.g. HTML purifier have some problems on the server (e.g. no ctype functions are installed) it is still better to do changes on the server then not using it and waiting for possible future XSS attacks ... :-(