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bystockypotty, September 21, 2012
I'll repeat the title. I will give my first born to the creators of K2. Never in my entire life with Joomla have I encounter a better coded component. It is so unbelievably well structured and named that I almost cried when I first saw it. It's so well created, that I was able to customise the layout in ways I didn't know how... K2 improved my coding. You might think this is an over exaggeration, but if you had the amount of experience with extensions that lack even basic structural coding... well... you would be in tears before you even knew what hit you.
bystockypotty, July 23, 2010
This plugin probably has the biggest potential out of anything. The upcoming trend is for websites to integrate game mechanics into their sites.

This plugin could do this, however it appears that this is still in development stages.

Please work on this!

I'll give it an average for it's potential but for it not being completed
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review but it would better refer to the AUP component than the CB plugin :)

bystockypotty, August 18, 2009
ProJoom Multi Rotator
Not only was the support very fast, but I had a bit of a confusing question to ask. Even when I still wasn't sure on what to do, I still got great support and eventually we fixed my problem, good stuff!