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bystreettactic, July 11, 2010
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I paid $94.00 for this "open source" extension back in February 2010. After getting through the poorly executed website, I downloaded the module/plugin and installed. This is one of the worst desiged backend's I've ever seen for joomla..or was. Not fluid and in no way logical. Alot of freebies were offered, but I was so dissatisfied with the purchase I immediately removed it and went about finding another solution that I have to say is cheaper and better developed. I wasn't planning on reviewing this, but now months later as I finish up a project I find that OSE has left little bits of script and tables in my database causing invalid arguement errors in various files. No I get to go and filter through any files trying to figure out if its completely removed, something which I as a paying customer for "Open Source" software would have expected the UNINSTALL feature to handle...horrible software, 95 bucks down the drain.
Owner's reply

Hi there,

Thanks for your review. Regarding uninstallation, did you see our uninstallation instructions here so it can remove all Joomla patch files, components, modules and plugins:

Also, could you please point out how bad is the backend? Were you using the latest version? Although we are not designers, we have tried to make the backend look as nice as possible. You can see how new version looks like in these two videos:

Regarding the "poorly executed website", our website is not perfect, but we are trying to provide as much information as possible for users in our wiki website and creating video instructions for users.

Finally, did you ask for help from our Support Desk? If you have asked us this question, we should have provided the answer for you on how to uninstall the software completely.

Anyway, hope the above information helps all Joomla users.
Best regards,
OSE team