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bystrohberg, March 29, 2012
"This extension is the best!" is what I would say if it actually worked. It has great funcionality and a lot of cool stuff. Fairly easy to understand and all. BUT. No matter what version, one is always confronted with bug fixes. And not just one or two. There's just way too much crapp one has to deal with.
In my opinion, they keep bringing out beta versions and call them stable. I'm very frustrated with this neverending load of bugs. It takes forever to find solutions and wastes my time.
I am now at the point where I'd pay for shop-software. At least I'll be able to complain to the support team if something wrong and let them handle it.
I don't understand how this junky software got such high ratings. If you ask me, stay away from it. It's just one big headache.