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bystscanlan, February 28, 2011
I finally got JFusion to work with my installation of Joomla and WordPress. I have been trying to marry Joomla, Wordpress and Moodle, but haven't quite gotten things to work seamlessly there. JFusion delivers the ability to synchronize user accounts across different platforms. Synchronized updates save a lot of time and effort. On the pro side, these folks have put a lot of effort and thought into a very difficult problem. After a lot of fiddling and experimentation, I am happy with my results. On the con side, the JFusion people probably have taken on a bit more than they can handle. By trying to support Master and Slave configurations for many different software packages, the variables get hard to keep track of , and things don't really work, at least for me, in both directions. What did work and is working well is Joomla as the Master program and Wordpress as the slave. This coupled with a good CSV import utility in Joomla allowed me to add, delete, and synchronize hundreds of accounts. Now if only the other software manufactureres would stick to the same standards for user accounts and passwords, I'm sure that we would all benefit and things would go more smoothly. Kudos to the JFusion team.