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bystuartsmith123456, November 13, 2010
Nice PayPal Button
I needed an extension to do something very simple - accept paypal payments when a user enters their name, invoice number and amount they want to pay.

First I wanted to use an extension on here that I knew offered that feature - but I didn't like the look of the website or the very restrictive licensing conditions. No trust = no buy where I am concerned.

Secondly I bought a cheap extension that I thought would do the trick. It didn't work....

Next I went with nice paypal - I was up and runningin minutes and had a perfectly servicable solution. I wanted extra functionaluty so I commented on a post in the form also requesting this functionality. I was personally e-mailed by the developer within 24 hours with the new extension that had my required functionality.....what more can anyone want!

Good stuff from a very good developer... :)
bystuartsmith123456, April 19, 2010
Ajax Contact
This is my first review, so i'm not sure what I should be writing. So I shall just list my experience with Ideal, Douglas from the company and this particular extension.

Firstly, downloading the extension was simple enough. You pay your money and you get the extension. The price is very low, so I'm sure it's within the reach of most Joomla users.

Obviously there are free contact extensions out there, but this form just looks better somehow.

Anyway, the real star is Douglas. I had some problems getting the contact form to work.

Installing it and configuring were both very EASY, but it just wasn't doing what it was supposed to do on the page. There was a javascript conflict (I think) with some other extensions.

Douglas responded to my support posting in his forum within the hour (even despite the crazy time that I posted my message). He made some suggestions and kept in touch as I provided more information. I granted him access to my site and he had a look around and suggested some more options. Ultimately the end result was that we got the contact form working, and it works very well.

This company is very attentive to it's users experience with its products. The extension is good and more than worth the $9 price tag.

My suggestion - go get it!