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bystudiogroup, August 10, 2013
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I searched for a long time trying to find what I found in this extension! It works. There is a demo to see what it will do before you download and try it, it's well documented, and I can't say enough good about it. I've used some of the Author's (Developer's) other extensions and they've all been perfect! I'm currently using the free version (there is a free version and a super robust commercial version that even does more stuff). I'm gonna buy the commercial version because I like it so much and I can use the super power features. Thank you, Developer for providing this outstanding app!!! You and your apps are greatly appreciated.
bystudiogroup, August 10, 2013
Modules Anywhere
Modules Anywhere is perfect! Works like a charm. Easy to install and use. A real high-quality app, well written, great documentation and demos to show what it will do. Makes it really simple and easy to put modules anywhere! A huge thank you to the developer for sharing this!!! You are greatly appreciated. I'm using the free version. There are free and commercial versions available. I've used some of the authors other extensions and they are great too! I can see why he is at the top of the JED list!
bystudiogroup, July 16, 2013
I'm a total newbie and I installed this and use it along with your other JCE Extensions. Your extensions make it easy for even a guy like me, that doesn't know much -- to do some cool stuff w/ Joomla! Thanks you!
bystudiogroup, July 16, 2013
Header Tags
Your extension is perfect for what I needed -- to change and control header tags! Very impressed w/ your work and very appreciative, too! The control is awesome, too. I'm able to select which com's I want to use it on and those that I don't. Thank you very much!
bystudiogroup, July 16, 2013
Thank you! This is a great extension. Installed it activated it and it works like a charm in less than 2 minutes! I'll be looking for more of your extensions and plugins.