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bystuffdone, May 2, 2014
Browse Your Website in 35 Languages
The promo page here shows the Joomla 2.5 compatibility icon.

There are two versions in the zip but neither is labeled as 2.5.

I downloaded and installed it the splash screen indicated it installed correctly.

I selected a position and to display on all pages. Nothing would appear on the front end.

It totally locked up Joomla and the only exit was to close the page and log in again.

I deleted the module. I have to assume that this was improperly labeled as being compatible with 2.5.
bystuffdone, August 23, 2013
Installed on Joomla 3.1.5.

While the design objective of this program is quite good, I found it to be buggy. There is only scarce documentation and you have to resort to trial and error to make it work. Developers really need to spend some time on an actual user guide.

Support is fairly responsive but due to time difference this amounts to a day's lost work waiting for each fix.

Code does not work in a friendly manner with large numbers of photos. Only so many show and the button to display more thumbs loads only 5 additional thumbs then disappears making it impossible to view an entire gallery.

When you choose to have purchase options below each thumbnail the actual links are cut off and not available to click to add to cart. Forced to use the LightBox method.

Design does not use a style sheet. Bad if you want to fit the color scheme to your template. You have to search php files for styles and manually edit them there. If those files are updated in a new release all your custom work is gone and you have to start over.

I encourage the developers to work out these issues because it has promise to be a very useful gallery to sell a lot of photos easily.
Owner's reply

Hello stuffdone

Thank you for your review. We are constantly improving the PicSell from past three years. We have fixed the bugs what ever you have complained. Also we included those fixes in the further versions. These bugs are due to the new responsive design that we developed. Now it got stable and fixed all known bugs.

Thanks again for making us work better on PicSell.

bystuffdone, November 19, 2012
JCK Editor
First let me say I have always used and liked JC's editor in prior versions of Joomla without issue.

This review is specific to the version as installed in Joomla 3.0 which I am trying out in a non-production site.

JC Installed okay but when I edit articles the tool bar does not break into multiple lines on the is stretched across the entire screen, hidden in part, behind other drop downs.

I cannot scroll far enough to the right to make using the editor useful.

I tried to note this problem in the form but found I cannot even use their forum unless I send them money even though the editor is a free product.

A search found no similar reports of such errors.

Assuming someone finds and fixes this I also assume CK will be the same great product it always was. I am just disappointed in the lack of a forum. It seems to me to be a bad idea to charge people for a customer support forum where those who use it are providing their feedback free to other users. If the forum were staffed by actual paid technicians working for CK that might be different. I just object to charging people to post free advice that may or may not be accurate or even fix a problem.
Owner's reply

Dear stuffdone, we value our user’s feedback very much and that why we do in fact have FREE area on our support forums as suggested. Here are 3 threads that users have recently post in our free‘Community support’ area all of which were replied to this morning:, & Please note this is not hidden away, in fact it comes 1st sitting above our profession support forum for this very reason.(o:b

I could not configure this product for use in the USA. Per inquiries in the forum this product applies a sales tax to all orders and cannot be configured to apply tax for orders to delivery only in the state the store is located.

This basically means this cart cannot be use in the USA until it is updated with the ability to assign a state-level sales tax rate and apply to only sales to residents of that state.

This is sad because I liked all of the features and ease of use.

It is also hard for non-German speaking users to find help in their forum because most of the content is in German.
Owner's reply

As we understand this is possible. You just not configured correct

bystuffdone, March 26, 2012
While this was always a very useful module, it does not seem to be available for newer supported versions of Joomla. The promo for this mod states it is available for V.2.5.x however no where on their web site is a version other than for V.1.5? Their forum is locked and has no discussion at all beyond the old version so it appears they are no longer supporting this extension.

I wish they would remove the icon from the download area on this site that seems to indicate it is compatible. It does say it installs...however missing is any window into which you can enter content. And absent a forum for help it is no longer something I will use.
Owner's reply

There are actually multiple versions of the module including a version for Joomla 2.5 - you can find it under Downloads > Joomla 2.5 modules. If you have any issues, kindly do get in touch with us via the Contact Us form.

The forums have unfortunately been targeted with SPAM and until we upgrade and resolve this issue they are currently locked. We are actively working to resolve this issue.

We will also work on improving the content to make sure that in the future people do not get confused about this.

bystuffdone, June 26, 2011
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This looked good at first. After install seemed to work okay until I got the API for the BotScout function after which I could no longer access the administrator. Each attempt I was just redirected back to the main site's home page.

Only way I could get back in was to FTP and delete the file for this plugin. Just removed and looking for another Captcha.
Owner's reply

A simple advice.'DONT USE ANY SOFTWARE (LET ALONE THIS PLUGIN),IF YOU CAN'T READ ITS DOCUMENTATION'.The issue you mentioned is not of botscout protection feature but admin passphrase feature and is clearly mentioned in the last item in FAQ's section in the download/documentation page.if you had spend half the time (for manually uninstalling this via FTP and putting up this review ),to read the documentation and FAQs ,you would have solved the issue mentioned.Atleast if you had googled for 'osolcaptcha admin pass phrase' you could have seen that there are a few other places including joomla forums where this is mentioned.