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CMS Casino
Out of a curiosity that was born from wanting to monetize my site, I took a look at this plugin even though it is listed as commercial - but that isn't the truth, it is both commercial and non-commercial. The developer has listed it as being commercial clearly because some aspects/functionality are... Let me tell, Harold is nothing less than an absolute star! I had problems opening games in modals/popups because the template i 'was' using had core patches, thats right, the dev made core patches to port Yoo/Rocket theems over to jomsocial and thus mootools was playing games. and so i recieved a code snippet (free of charge) to make it work even though the issue was not caused by their template/plugin. you: There are four options:- 1) enbed 2) install 3 + 4 run your own site on their servers and they are fully managed or partly managed. Personally I went for No2. Casino2go! Basically, you install the plg and publish it, add a menu item and viola! You have a fully functioning and customizable casino in your Joomla! site! You even get a free Joomla! template - so if you want to build a casino website, it's all there at your fingertips and it's all point-and-click configurable! There are times though, when you need specifics, and the support you get to help you accomplish this is, IMHO second to none! Seriously - Seriously!!! This is money for nothing! Why am I not keeping my big mouth shut? simple answer, when somebody scratches my back, I scratch theirs!