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bysturgis, October 6, 2014
Do you want your own form builder? Then Breezingform is the best out there. Don't need SurveyMonkeys with this.
I use it with ContentBuilder, from the same developers, to create views from the data. Worth every penny.
bysturgis, October 6, 2014
I have used different frameworks for Joomla, from K2, to Fabrik.
ContentBuilder is easy and yet powerful. I stick to it. It works great to build views from BreezingForms. An absolute must have pack.
bysturgis, March 4, 2007
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I downloaded this chat component but I quickly remove it as it does not run in your server but in theirs. You have to open an accound, etc...
I keep using phpopenchat... even if it is not integrated.
Owner's reply

You could have read description and save yourself installation time. Either way, not everybody has a powerful server to accommodate resource hungry chat application (be aware that not properly configured server can be easily crashed by chat application).