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bysturmmed, August 11, 2012
FlowPlayer Reloaded
I have read reviews that have given this plugin on 1 or 2 stars. This is because they download this extension and expect it to be a component. It is not a component it is a plugin, and in order to use a plugin yo must enter very simple code into your article, but even simple code can scare or confuse people.

I am a developer and I use this plugin on may of my websites and it is the best out there. It is coded well and allows you to set global parameters easily. Before this plugin, I would just add code to my Joomla sites to use Flowplayer, this makes it much easier, and you still have all the addons available to you from Flowplayer.

If you are looking for extensive documentation and instruction, you will not find it. The website has a comment section that can give you a little help, but there is not instruction manual. that being said, I still give this plugin 5 stars because it is free. If it was a paid extension I would have rated it at 3 or 4 due to the lack of documentation.

Great extension and a must have if you develop using Flowplayer.
bysturmmed, May 9, 2011
Before I found this bit of Joomla gold, I had to hack my php to achieve what this mod can do. Very powerful, and easy to use, I highly recommend it. I add it to every site I build as one of my standard extensions. Congratulations on a great extension.