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bystutteringp0et, April 11, 2013
Random Article
Very efficient and well executed random article display. Nice work!
bystutteringp0et, April 4, 2013
I am going to be rewriting a few of my own extensions to use your method (and probably just make your plugin a requirement)

My current method requires stream wrappers and isn't fully compatible with all hosting providers, while yours is elegant and....let's face it - fantastic!
bystutteringp0et, April 4, 2012
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It's like you took all only the bad parts of CB and made them worse! This is riddled with useless mouseover descriptions that mirror the label hovered, and PHP fatal errors.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry for your bad experience. But I don't recognize the php bugs, do you save the component settings? (do you read the user quide with installation instructions?). Please report you problems.
WARNING: This component is the first alpha release. The component work stable, but there is something to do. The mouseover descriptions are language strings without a reference in the language file. The frontend view is basic, use Joomla template functions for your own look.

bystutteringp0et, February 16, 2012
Switch Editor
What a huge timesaver! I've often been in an article and needed a different editor. This saves several steps!

If only it could be implemented in the actual edit views...
Owner's reply

Glad you like it!

bystutteringp0et, August 14, 2011
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FlowPlayer Reloaded
It works, I'll give it that. My error logs list almost a dozen errors each time the plugin is loaded.

Additionally, this runs as a system plugin when it should be a content plugin. Running as system causes the plugin to load on pages that aren't content items (articles). This gives you the ability to insert videos anywhere you want, but increases the overhead and loading times of your pages.

And why (oh why) is it necessary to set the document generator tag to include "; FlowPlayerReloaded 3.0 by" on all pages (even pages without video)?
Owner's reply

Have you ever tried contacting the support? Most problems can be resolved in minutes...

Yes, it's a System plugin, and this is CLEARLY stated on the page. This allows to insert video not only to content, but almost to any place of the site. Maybe you need not this, but there are numbers of people who asked for this feature, and my plugin, if I'm not mistaken, is the only System-type video plugin.

Yes, current version modifies generator tag, and this is stated too, but this will be configurable in the next release (>3.0.0), so you'll be able to turn this off. By the way: does this someway harm your site? If you prefer to conceal the software used on your website, you can always install corresponding plugins and completely remove generator tag.

Well, it your right to rate the extension as you wish, but I (personally) never give negative reviews just for two small peculiarities, which do not impact functionality at all, and without even trying to contact the developer concerning the logs (which may be not errors, but most likely notices - they are logged if your server is improperly configured. Notices are intended just for debugging and should not be turned on on a production websites.)

bystutteringp0et, April 28, 2011
But all diamonds are rough in the beginning. This is a great component. I was up and running in a few minutes. Kudos for the import feature, which allows you to import a list of user ids as subscribers to any newsletter - that was a real time-saver for me!

I only submit reviews for extensions that deserve it (good or bad) and you definitely deserve a good review!
bystutteringp0et, August 23, 2010
Page Flip FX
I don't have a problem with the extension, just the honesty of the developer.

The description specifically states "without using flash" in the first sentence, however, from the installation instructions:

"4. Add {pageflipfx}{/pageflipfx} where you want the Flash to show up in your article"

This is definitely Flash, no question about it.

I would've given it a good review, but I was looking for a non-flash solution and I don't like being misled.
Owner's reply

We are referring to the fact that you don't need Flash Professional for this plugin. The Adobe Flash Player is required for this product but almost everyone has it on their browser. You misinterpreted the text.

bystutteringp0et, October 31, 2007
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To get the component working in J1.5:

Rename extplorer.xml to something else
copy extplorer_J1.5.xml to extplorer.xml
edit extplorer.xml and remove any reference to .htaccess or .htuser

zip it back up and install to J1.5
bystutteringp0et, October 30, 2007
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Easy install! The application seems to work as described, but I don't understand the admin component. no output!

It is as easy as adding to any script. Add the previous to your template as a simple test.
bystutteringp0et, October 28, 2007
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Works as advertised! Front and Back end attachments. Auto-publish feature. Only problem, where to edit legal file types? I'll find it in there. Otherwise, a beta very near RC I'd say.
Owner's reply

Thanks! I forgot to mention in the release notes that this version of attachments respects the file type limitations imposed by the media manager. To add file types, go to the "Global Configuration" under the "Site" menu and look for the Media settings section. In it you will see a list of legal file types. Add whatever you need there.

bystutteringp0et, October 26, 2007
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Phoca Gallery
First of all, this is a great component with excellent menu support and a good set of options. I have two issues with the gallery.

1. The title is displayed only with the thumbnail. This would be a great option for the modal or popup.

2. The modal window (which I don't use because of the IE thing) is always max-height on the screen. Adjustable? Less than max even slightly would be nice. Part of the frame is hidden if I've got firefox searchbar open.
Owner's reply

You can add the title into a description in detail window...
You can change the modal box size