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bysubasa, June 16, 2012
Image of the Day
This is a simple and amazing module which as the name mentions it displays an image either daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Personally I needed it to display dates for different calendars as images altogether and this did the job. The support is great and the staff are friendly and quick to response.
News Show Pro GK4
The module is great and have all the necessary options but for some reason when you click on any article it doesn't open the article on a new page or window. Instead it opens the article on the same window where the module is which makes a mess out of the page. I contacted their support and forum but there hasn't been any response yet. I've seen this question has been asked many times but no clear answer has yet been given regarding this issue.
Owner's reply

Described problem isn't related to our module - it is connected with your menu structure - probably you have no menu items for the articles which are showed in the module. It causes that the article is showed at the frontpage instead of the other subpages without the other modules.

bysubasa, October 3, 2011
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
The module is nice and very easy to use. It is specifically designed for colourful websites. I hope the new versions to include more options such as mouse hover affect, default headers etc... In addition the customer support is very helpful and try to help you in any way possible.