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bysuccess998, September 14, 2011
i use allvideos as plugin of k2 and can upload mp4, wmv etc. but cannot preview in the admin
area but can be view at the front-end.

But for mov video, the quicktime format, i cannot upload it to the server at the backend.

Moreover, i try to use the iphone to view the mp4 video, it also do not support.

Anyone can help me????????????????????????????????????????????????/
Owner's reply

Any mp4 videos must use the h264 codec to be iPhone/iPad compatible. Most new video converters/exporters do that, so make sure your mp4 files use the right codec.

Regarding previewing issues with K2, I suggest downloading and using the K2 v2.5 RC from (link bottom, right) which is fully compatible with this latest version of AllVideos.