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Incredible support, tremendous extended functionality added to normal Joomla articles and category. Possibly the most important thing though; they actually listen to user input. New features are added on an almost weekly basis with release candidates being made available for download on their Google Code page.

Support is amazing as well. The developers answer ALL support questions within 2 hours. These developers really do care about their product and it shows in leaps and bounds.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you want to add increased functionality to your normal Joomla articles, then this is the only component you will ever need! 5/5!
Owner's reply

Thank for your review, and for your good words,

it is true that latest FLEXIcontent version (v2.1.0) is very powerful and performance-wise for large sites, and we try hard to balance between many features and user friendliness

about answering questions, usually questions in forum are answered in 24 hours, about "2 hours" that is an exaggeration, you posted during a period of day that questions were answered.

About new feature requests, we want to hear users feedback about good ideas, that are commonly useful and with small implementation cost, in order to promote FLEXIcontent usefulness. Other features will have to wait for an appropriate time

also about "release candidates", v2.1.0 is almost ready, and will be last release before J3.x support

JCH Optimize
I was pleased by the good reviews for this plugin and I thought it would speed up my website a lot after reading them. So I installed it, enabled it and.... then there was blackness and my site suddenly couldn't be found. I tried to go back into the admin area and disable it but I couldn't access any part of my site. Luckily I was saved by logging into my FTP program and deleting the plugin through that.

Be warned, this plugin isn't a gift from the God's to speed up every Joomla website. It has it's flaws and you should carefully consider which optimization extension to use through careful examination of their forums, not just these reviews.