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bysuits, January 20, 2013
If you want to integrate your website with Facebook look no further! I am a big fan of this extension after using it on several of my sites now. I pretty much do not create a site with out this installed these days.

JFBConnect features all the Facebook integrations and the best bit is's documentation on each an every feature. They even cover off in detail on how to configure the Facebook side well when the extension does not do it for you anyway!

I have used it with other social extensions like JomSocial and CommunityBuilder usually just to make use of the profiles and easy registrations with no problems at all.

Future Dev:
Would love to see a Kunena integration in the future then it would be the complete package for me. I know its a Facebook integration but perhaps the ability not to publish to Facebook everytime and just your own activity feed?

I am a intermediate Joomla! and web user and this is the only extension I have ever used with out some sort of issue so had to add a review. Good work, keep it coming.