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bysuityoursite, October 25, 2012
Social Multiprofile
Worked immediatly out of the box, and very good support (-:
After I emailed pulse about a conflict with a template/widgetkit from Yootheme they helped me out and solved it right away! ((not the first time that Yootheme templates causes a conflict...Yootheme can learn from this support but they don't even react, instead they only ask me to pay another subscribtion fee before they give support on there template wich I BOUGHT from them...)
So, a big hug for pulse extensions support team!
Edwin Blom
bysuityoursite, September 20, 2011
Looks good (but hé, this is 'only' css) but misses some essentials:
1. Ohanah has nó register form: visitors first has to register as a joomla user (..!). Than they can attend to an event. Not good, to much steps.
Create a configurable Ohanah form and let the administrator decide the usergroup for the attenders, with it's own ACL settings.

2. Ohanah has nó (!) possibility for an admin-email adress or to disable sending admin emails. It automaticly sends all admin-emails (for example: when people attend an event) are send to the email adres that you put in when you installed your joomla 1.7 package.

3.It is very little configurable so like many components you have to follow the choices of the developer, for eventlists you may want to configure many things.

So: a bit beta (I hope) but I guess I can live with that. It looks very good.

Something I do nót like is the fact that you techies ask 32,00 euro for software that is still in a development state. It's your development, not our's...Aks $79,00 when it's finished. When it's good people buy it. (like Jomsocial)
Secondly you only hand some sort of 'wishlist website'and give poor support. Not good.

Ohanah has great potential, I sometimes wonder though if the developers are developing just to develop stuff' or to really create something usefull, for the long run. I really hope though that Ohanah becomes a good configurable eventlist.
(and not like Nooku multilangual component, wich was also great but expensive ($350,00) and poorly supported by the developers, saddly become's a thing of the past...)
Owner's reply

Hello suityoursite,
Thank you for your review :-) To answer your points:
1) Ohanah for the moment uses the joomla built-in registration system so that you can easily extend upon this without having to reinvent the wheel, optionally you can point the event registration to your predefined url so that you can use whatever form management extension you prefer.
2) In the next version we will have a better email & notification system in place and
3) We design and develop ohanah to have as few configuration setting as possible. While this may result in something that doesn't fir any scenario, the ones who does are well supported and suffer from less compromises. Developing good software is all about making decision so that our users don't have to struggle to much with them.

We do charge money in order to being able to keep improving the software and this is exactly because we don't develop stuff but we try to solve real people problems.

if we didn't solve yours because other products suit better your needs, well we have absolutely no problem in refunding you, just ask:)

About support we don't have a wish list website but a full support system trough private tickets where we can help solving issues on a case by case way, so if you need support, just ask ;-) we try to answer all our ticket within a day.