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bysummitdads, April 29, 2013
I have been using FLEXicontent now for quite some time now, so I guess that my review is long overdue here. Nonetheless, I wanted to make sure I gave one.

At any rate, product is phenomenal and it truly changes the way that a Joomla! webmaster deals with categories and articles on a daily basis. FLEXIcontent works with several other extentions and the number of options it has these days for both an experienced and novice user makes it a work of art. As other extentions update and change, so does FLEXIcontent to maintain its working order. In fact, it has so many positive point about it, I will never get to all of them in this post.

However, you must know that the excellence does not stop here. The FLEXIcontent team meets and exceeds expecations by solving countless customization issues within the forum area. For example, I had an issue a few weeks ago and ggppdk (Core Developer) went into my website for me and found the problem. He immediately coded a fix and implemented the fix within the next release. In fact, it appears that he does this for people on a regular basis. He is definitely a busy man! The rest of the team also takes the time necessary to help people with customized solutions. I could not ask for more.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a Class-A extention and category/article management system, and more, with a dedicated development team behind it, then FLEXIcontent is the one for you. Try it and you will see.

Thanks guys!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review,

we want to add more features to FLEXIcontent that will be useful to many users, so we listen and evaluate requests and get ideas from users.

What we cannot add in upcoming version, we register it as 'enhancement' issue in our Development Bug-Tracker not to forget.

Current priorities (now that we have the stable v2.0.2) is finishing J3.x support ASAP, and then implementing installable Content Kits

bysummitdads, April 27, 2013
The reason I downloaded this extension is to as an automatic hidden menu to populate my xml sitemap through Xmap. I could not get all of my articles to show previously because of plugin issues between Xmap and another extension. I needed a menu program that automatically updated as I added content. Sure enough, I followed the directions given for Kazaam and updated my Xmap settings. This process took less than a minute. I got exactly what I wanted. I do not have to mess with my sitemap again. Kazaam truly works automatically, as advertised.

P.S. Those of you who also want to use this to solve Xmap problems, just don't create a module for Kazaam to keep it hidden, but remember to publish the plugin. All of the categories and articles (if you choose that option) will be included in your sitemap. This extension is your answer!
bysummitdads, June 8, 2011
XCloner-Backup and Restore
Xcloner-Backup and restore does exactly what it says, without errors. I downloaded it, installed it and within about 3 minutes I had an entire backup of my website. The console is very neatly displayed and it shows just the right amount of technical information needed to understand its processes. Apparently, someone really thought this through. I recommend this particular extension as a staple item for any Joomla site webmaster!
bysummitdads, March 9, 2011
Top for jDownloads
This module does everything it says it should do and does it well. I installed it, made sure the jdownload setting was correct and it instantly appeared. Upon reviewing the parameters in the backend, I can see that the developer took plenty of time and care to address detail, presumably to help us tailor to specific installations and views of our download materials. I am really impressed! Thanks to the developer for making such a clean, customizable module for us.

Before anyone complains about sh404sef problems, where the categories work fine, insofar as SEF urls are concerned, but the details pages do not work, make sure you download the latest fix for your sh404sef plugin. I updated to the latest version of jdownload, which is 1.8.1 at this point, but did not update the plugin. This was my fault. So, the urls going to specific download details used to be in the form of: mysite/, but the updated sh404sef plugin file corrects this. If you see this problem in your installation, get the fix and it will be fine!

Please everyone, take the time to research things before giving a bad review to others. The true problem might be yours, as it was in this case, not the extension!
bysummitdads, October 18, 2010
Set Generator tag
This is a small plug-in that works as advertised. No issues with uploading and no errors caused to my site. I used it and checked the results it produced within my source code. It is that simple. Thank you!
Owner's reply

I am glad that everything went fine! If you have any comments or suggestions for future releases do not hesitate to contact me.