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bysuperchan08, October 5, 2012
Store for K2
It's really simple that you can hardly believe it's true.

I just learnt to use K2 a month before, and i found K2 store when searching the keyword "K2". And it's too easy to setup, although i have experienced a PHP error in my localhost development platform, but when i upload the joomla project to real site environment, it just run fine! (actually i am not a php/js development, so i don't know what's happening...)

With K2, management for products is so easy. Adding products is easy too, i just built a site for my friend (no shopping cart function shopping site before...), and i teach him for 15mins and the store is now up and running fine~ so you got my friend's appreciation too!

For those deciding whether to use K2store or not, here is the fact:
1. it's a simple add-on which can enable you to put a shopping cart and checkout function for free. So be fair with it, if you are looking for a full payment gateway and not willing to pay even US10 for paypal function, you are in the wrong place, go Virtuemart or Redmart.

2. support/FAQ need to be enhanced, for noobs like myself, i cannot fix those php orange table issues and i will be worrying the functionality of the store.

3. the clients cannot check his own buying history... (or maybe i don't know to set this function)this is kind of a must and i know this request may take up long hours of development, but perhaps you can think of just like checking a feed for the users post. If the shop changed the status from pending to shipped, just come up with a new feed~ maybe that's an interim solution for you~
Owner's reply

The order history for the user is present.
Go to Joomla admin->menu manager->main menu(or the menu of your choice)->create a new menu

Choose the type as K2Store->orders

Set this menu to be accessible only to registered viewers.

Thats all.
And thanks for review