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bysvictor, August 18, 2013
Very powerful extension. It helped me unclutter and simplify the design of our association's website. The module has many capabilities, which implies many parameters in the backend. But they are cleverly grouped in collapsing tabs and it's really intuitive to configure it.
Grazzie mille to the developper!
bysvictor, October 29, 2012
Zaragoza News Tab Menu
Indeed, good module, as long as you don't need hovering effects (I don't), AND DON'T ENABLE CACHE! As another user already pointed out, this duplicates the menu on the page. The disable cache setting of the module doesn't make any difference here: you have to disable cache globally for the whole site. I haven't tested support yet.
bysvictor, October 21, 2012
Sensible defaults out of the box. The arrows are visible yet sober enough not to interfere with my template (there are 10 choices, and you can easily add your own through css).
bysvictor, October 21, 2012
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I wanted to replace the "Readmore" links to display the article contents inline (not on a new page). I tried one by one virtually all the other opensource slider plugins. Each of them had some flaw: either they interacted badly with some other javascript on the page, or they would mess up the template, or... At last I found this plugin, which does it simply and well. Thanks to the developers: it saved my day!
bysvictor, August 22, 2012
I had to display the title of the page then an image module below, and then the content of the page itself. With standard joomla, it is not easy, but this module makes it a piece of cake ! Thanks !
bysvictor, February 26, 2012
I was looking for a replacement to the Vemod mailing system we had been using on our website (it did the job but was a bit complicated to setup for "special" newsletters). I tried several extensions and this one was my favorite. The free version only offers basic automation through tags: for example, it doesn't pull new content since the last newsletter, and doesn't seem to have module insertion capabilities. But on the whole, it is quite flexible and easy to use. The template system is good, and I only need to do a bit of copy-paste to pull in the new content from our website and fill in the letter. The sending system (with prior verification sent to the admin) also seems very reliable. The commercial versions advertise more capabilities, but for our non-profit association, this is just fine.
bysvictor, January 31, 2011
Simple File Upload
The module has a clean look. It even replaces the default "browse files" button of the user's browser, providing more consistency in the layout (otherwise the look of that button is browser-dependent, and it is very difficult to style it with css).
The French translation is also very good. I could use the module out of the box. My purpose was to allow users to upload audio/video excerpts (which they later integrate in their articles with AVReloaded).
So thanks to the developer for sharing this great extension !
bysvictor, January 27, 2011
mavik Thumbnails
After trying many solutions for automatic generation of miniatures, this is definitely my favorite. It has the big advantage of not requiring any tags (it just checks if the image has been resized). This means that if you uninstall it, all pages will stay just as they are : no ugly code left behind, simply the images won't be clickable anymore.
The opening effects are clean and work out of the box (highslide used to bug on chromium but this has been fixed in the last version).
Such a nice plugin would have deserved a page on the developer's site. (Apologies if there is one : I do not read ukrainian, and Google translate did not help me find it neither). Something like a changelog or a roadmap would be informative.
In the end, I've been using this extension for more than one year on several sites and it has always proven simple and reliable. Thank you very much !