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bysweston, August 31, 2013
I regret I wasted my time with such a poor extension. I hardly believe this is used on any live shop. Shipping is the most important part of an ecommerce site here in Australia and joocommerce offers a big nothing about that. I thought I'm missing that and intended to look at their docs but goes what? I couldn't find any link here and their site that redirects to any documentation. Then I sent a support email about my issue but their reply was request admin credentials!! An extension without documentation. All in all, a total failure.
Owner's reply

Hi "sweston",

every day you check this page and write a 1-star review to JooCommerce. You already sent in a fake review a couple weeks ago, and the JED staff removed it after my request.

Then every other day you write a 1 star review, that gets removed. Today this one came in, but it's still a fake review.

You tried again at least 4 times.

The last time you reported issues with your bank not being supported (which is completely false, since we integrate with PayPal), now you try by talking about shipping, but it's pretty clear we support Shipping and provide a detailed setup for shipping options, based on price, weight, countries filtering and everything you might need. Like anyone can see on the website.

You are basically damaging JooCommerce without a reason, and I can prove it, and making the JED Staff lose time by having to deal with your fake reviews.

You says you are from Australia, I can count the Australian clients on my 2 hands and only 2 of them have opened a ticket, and both of them successfully closed their issues.

And, no one ever asked me about documentation in a ticket.

Documentation that is pretty evident both in the extension itself with Help (?) buttons on _every screen_ (e.g., and in the support portal, where you claims to have added a ticket.
Some (not all) of the documentation is even public on Github to help with the demo.

I don't know why you're so against JooCommerce by never having bought it.. oh well, maybe I know why, and it makes me smile because if you're so scared by JooCommerce to leave a fake 1* review, then it looks like we're doing a good job! Thanks!

The strange thing is that no one requested a refund or subscription termination from Australia. Since you think it's a total failure.. well, don't let me waste words.

Maybe, Sweston, you'd better invest your time in your extension.

Greetings to all who read this comment, don't let this guy fool you ;-)

bysweston, July 28, 2013
Event Booking
I deeply regret I tried and spent time on this extension. It has so much issues and logical errors. The English language is so badly used that you can easily mix one functionality with another one.

Tried to get support but it's also not good, in fact rude. You are fine if you don't insist on an existing issue, otherwise their replies turn to a very novice level, same as in their replies to reviews here.