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Art Data
I was looking for a tool to display charts and database content (tables, as well as single fields) in Joomla. Other solutions that I looked at required either extensive programming, or are full-blown code generators. ARTdata is nicely between.

Download and installation are easy, and once I got started, I was able to create an article containing half a dozen fields / tables in less than an hour.

One caveat: I don't agree with the statement on the Artetics website "You don't need programming knowledge to use this extension". This extension does not have a full graphical interface in which I can select parameters in a dropdown or have input forms, it is "just" a powerful collection of various commands that can be embedded into articles. If you want to use this to access data in a database, you need to be familiar with SQL and know how to create your queries. Otherwise, you need to be comfortable reading "code" and substituting variables to create the desired output.

- Easy to handle and to show "something" on your screen.
- Excellent forum support; I got answers within about 5 minutes of posting, and a solution to my problem within an hour.

CONs (which is why I only give 4 stars rather than 5)
- Installation didn't work out of the box. I only got code displayed on my screen, rather than the desired output. Artetics re-sent the installation file within an hour, problem fixed.
- Documentation is very rudimentary
- Need to copy / paste code into my article, even the ARTdata button plugin only shows the code, but doesn't insert it into the article