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bysylvesterfaro, July 5, 2011
Its a great component for someone who just want to install, config and go.

Now... it has not been developed in the MVC framework. So when I tried to change how it looks... no views, no templates, no nothing. When can only change icons and CSS, nothing more.

I think its about time to UddeIM goes MVC...
bysylvesterfaro, June 21, 2011
This is much more than a simple "Login With Facebook" extension.

I easily created a simple plugin to link FB profiles to my own component using JFBConnect functions.

For all you guys who program a little on Joomla, as I do, will find that their brand tagline is "clean code" - right on the spot!
bysylvesterfaro, September 25, 2009
ProJoom Multi Rotator
It is a great way to have several banners in one spot, without waiting for a page refresh.

And support took about 48 seconds to reply to my requests... no the "up to 48 hours" stated at ProJoom's site.