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bysysteman, July 11, 2013
I have been using a well known free sitemap component for a long time but never been completely satisfied. Limited support and so on.

But recently I decided to update my website to the Joomla 3 flavour and decided to give JSitemap a try. I purchased the Pro version and all I can say is: WoW!.

JSitemap is so easy to set up and fine tune for SEO, and the best thing of all is its capability to include other component data sources which again are easy to configure. For example: If you have a directory component with lots of categories, you can add it to the sitemap which will show all the links to the categories. All this without the need for additional plugins.

For really large sitemaps it can be split into x number of pages so spiders index your website properly.

In my opinion, JSitemap is an absolute 'must have' component, developed by someone with an in depth knowledge of SEO.
bysysteman, August 29, 2010
JV-LinkDirectory (JVSE)
I use JV-LD on our website. It is a very advanced link directory management system with features that go well beyond other weblink extensions, both free and commercial.

The staff at JV-Extensions are always trying to improve their products by introducing new elements and refining existing ones, with the ultimate goal of providing Joomla users' with the best extensions that money can buy.

One does not have to think too deeply as to whether the the cost of their extensions, especially JV-LD is worth the money. The professional look it gives ones website says it all. Highly recommended, not just because of their professional products but also aftersales care, which, sadly with a lot of other companies seems to be lacking somewhat.

Paul Stuart
Contract Flooring Magazine
bysysteman, December 22, 2009
Art LinkedIn Company
I have tried this out and raised an issue on the forum.

I have a profile on LinkedIn and entered the info into mod_artlinkedinprofile params but on the website is displaying someone elses info, not mine.

It needs extra params for profile ID, I think, otherwise I do not see how this can work. If you have two or more people on LinkedIn with the same profile, but different IDs, I think there may be conflicts.
For those who have access to Google's Webmaster Tools, you may have seen the many static and dynamic web pages returning the dreaded Error 404, sometimes this runs into thousands.

One can use htaccess to redirect pages but no more than a few only, hundreds will slow your site down.

ReDJ provides the ultimate solution to redirect as may URLs as you wish and is ideal for maintaining that all important page ranking when changing your web sites menu structure. One of the best features is to be able to use built in macros and to be able to create custom 404 pages.

If you've used third party applications in directories inside the same root folder as Joomla, you may have experienced Error 404s with conjoined elements of the third party application and Joomla's static or dynamic URL structure. This sometimes happens and can be a nightmare to redirect but ReDJ can handle this.

My website had over 4500 Error 404s that had accrued over time due to migrating from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5, changes to menu setup, and because I did not set up the configuration.php file to include live_site details. The live_site setting in Joomla 1.5, although an option, can cause URL errors depending on your server setup.

I tried all the other available extensions without success but ReDJ came to the rescue.

I highly recommend ReDJ which is an absolute - must have - piece of kit and the developer at Sistemistica is very supportive.

Paul Stuart