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byszenekonzept, February 26, 2011
5 Stars doing, what so many claimed to do:

-a tiny not overloaded, but powerful Shop
-a useful free version (not only a marketingfake)
-staple, frequent, and automaticly updated
-easy to handle and to customise

thank you :-)
byszenekonzept, July 24, 2010
works great, looks nice, with reasonable performance usage.

p.s. maybe i am to fast, but i can find only Version 1.2 on your download section, maybe you forgot to put the new one online?

for those who also like this: don't miss to test also his maximenu_ck and the beautiful tooltip plugin!

Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for voting and you've right I missed the v.1.3. Now available for download.have fun !

byszenekonzept, July 14, 2010
The problem with performance plugins is, that they cost server power while being processed. So it's not easy to produce code, that is light enough, to let your site benefit from it's enhancements. This one does the job better than any plugin, i ever tested before including the commercial ones (and i think i tested them all). If you can use it together with "qcache" your site will load lightening fast. Great!

thank you!
Matthias Klees
byszenekonzept, April 13, 2010
Ninja RSS Syndicator
it's the only component, which is free and provides a smooth, nicely formated Feed.
When installing it i got a feed without the articles, but a 30 second visit in the forum solved the Problem immediately.
(just hat the clean the feedcache).
thank you very much
byszenekonzept, January 27, 2010
I think i know this extension even when Joomla was still Mambo. And it is still one of the best, rock solide and most scalable menu builder around. And event my mother would be able to use it. And the best: sorry "assafn" don't know where you did get your knowledge about SEO, but please better first learn, THEN rate, O.K.? ;-) This menu can perfectly read by search engines.

Thanks you for your long time work
byszenekonzept, March 23, 2009
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
I was very impressed about the high quality of this component. It provides a long needed functionality integrating wordpress in a clean, easy and searchenginefriendly way. But even better than that, is the great, fast and friendly support of the developer, not stopping to help, untill the customer reaches his goal. This support would be worth that money itself.
Support this guy!

thank you from