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XTDir for SobiPro
I must admit.. at first I was worried about attaching anything outside of SobiPro's own extensions to the directory.. but Sobipro does lack certain things that make a onlnie directory great.

That is where XTDir comes in.. The extension gives you the benefit to add promotional ranking to your directory with a way to allow online payments to have immediate page rank results.

The documentation is weak, but I have been told it is being worked on. And as I write this review there was a release to help explain it better.

Support is nothing but A+ rated.. the team answer all of my tickets responsively and kept at them until solved.

Indexing of the ranking system can be done either manually or via cron job for larger sites.. which is what we had to do.. 3000 listings re-index ever 20 mins in about 14 seconds on our virtual private server.. (your mileage may differ)

Again, nothing but get things to say.. and actually make so $$$ on page ranking on the way!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your nice words. We are working very hard to improve our documentation, your feedback is very important to us!

Best Regards
Extly Team

byszymas, August 30, 2013
Quiz  Deluxe
This product is by far the favorite of the staff, while not free the Quiz Deluxe system and the support staff are great. All the features on $1000 plus stand alone apps are included. Multiple types of questions plus our favorite "photo question" allow you to have a student pick a spot on a photo to get the correct answer. Again, with any app you will need to test drive so stop at their site.
byszymas, September 19, 2012
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Content Templater
What can you say.. a FREE module that can basically layout a article with using CCK, understand that it cannot update a article that has a prior template changed.. but that is waht CCK is used for. Quick and dirty.. many features .. and FREE.. Had a issue with current build.. within 20 minutes answered and new rev. was generated to correct issue.. A must have!
byszymas, September 19, 2012
Such a simple feature, remove from the current version, why? who knows! But love that this simple plugin did the job! 2 thumbs up!
byszymas, December 3, 2010
ProJoom Multi Rotator
I purchased this extension about one month ago as we are building our new site on a local box.

The Projoom Banner ad rotator does exactly as it states. Running on flash to basically take your ads and push them out into a more "flowing" system on your website will make it look more professional. WE have mixed .gif's, jpgs and .swf all running on the system with no problem.

When we upgraded to version 2.x a couple of days ago we had an issue.. the projoom staff quickly helped us over to fix the issue (which was a .htaccess issue)

As stated earlier, version 2.x just came out with more features and unlimited banner ad sizing...

So the Extension is perfect for our needs and support was quick and responsive!