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bytaggen, November 4, 2013
I have some pages with articles containing several parts with different titles. Each piece is quite long. I therefore looked for a smart way to divide each part into a preamble and a hidden full text. What I found was Sliders from NoNumber. It was just the perfectly thing for me and was so easy to adapt to how I wanted it to look and function.

Because each piece had a title, preamble and a main text part, I could not make a coherent accordion. In addition, every text part was so long that you have to scroll up to close it. I therefore wanted a closing function at the bottom of each text component. Late one evening, I asked the NoNumbers forum if and how I could do this. Early the next morning I had a response from Peter with a suggestion on how to do it. Top Service!

The resulting style settings and code for the article you will find in NoNumbers Forum.