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bytalacrush, February 5, 2012
I like this extention and it worked well until I did the Joomla 2.5 upgrade. Now my site is broken and I cannot fix it because, although a patch is available to mend it, I'm not allowed to have it because I am not a club member. In other words, I have to pay to have access to a patch to mend the fault.

I can understand club members being given early access to new functionality and priority support; that seems fair.

But what seems very unfair is to penalise non-club members by witholding a ready patch when its not their fault that the official Joomla upgrade and the existing extention are incompatible. No warning was given about this.

The official answer given to a former poster below says the fix will be available to non-club members from Feb 8th. In the JEvent forum just now I was told 'several weeks'.

Please play fair JEvents. This is not in the spirit of open source. The extention says clearly it is non-commercial but you are applying commercial tactics when someone wants access to a patch to fix a fault that wasn't their fault in the first place.
Owner's reply

The Joomla upgrade mechanism does not provide a mechanism to check for version dependencies or for component providers to give a warning of incompatabilities :(. We therefore had no mechanism to warn site developers to check compatability before upgrading which is very unfortunate.

The changes required to support Joomla 2.5 affected a large number of files and classes so it was not practical to apply and test them in JEvents 2.0 and JEvents 2.1. We therefore made the decision to bring forward the public release of JEvents 2.1 to mid February expecting that the Joomla 2.5 upgrade process would encourage users to check and test compatability before upgrading.

Given the problems non-club members have encountered from upgrading theirs sites automatically we have brought this forward again to 8th February.

This is more than a month earlier than the JEvents 2.1 public release was planned for. This will give you Joomla 2.5 compatability and also you will get the benefit of the new features of JEvents 2.1 earlier than would normally be the case.