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bytalklfc, November 16, 2010
Store for K2
This is a phenomenal piece of work by the author. Quite frankly, it's brilliant.

You may be wondering why I have rated it so low? Read on...

Whilst the store is brilliant, there is no way to take online payment. You can purchase a Paypal payment plugin from the author for $10 which is very reasonable but there are no options to add shipping costs or different sizes or colours for a different product.

This basically renders the system useless unless you are selling ebooks or other downloads.

In conclusion, this component (and plugin) has great potential but it is simply not ready for public release. Don't waste your time or money at the moment but keep an eye on developments as this one could be great in future.
Owner's reply


Thanks for the review. You should read the features and about the extension. it is a simple add on. It is NOT a full, feature packed shopping cart like Virtuemart. You did not even read the information and came up with this review. We never promised of shipping, tax or any large features of it.

extplorer is the ultimate time and hassle saver on Joomla. This should definitely be in Joomla core.

You'll save loads of time and energy just by using this. It's great for Joomla experts as we can easily get to template and extension folders to make changes while it's great for beginners for uploading images to folders and getting used to the JOomla structure.

Top marks from me.
bytalklfc, November 10, 2010
Simple Image Gallery
I've used this plugin on many sites and clients always report that it's easy to update themselves. This is a great solution for beginners. It's very easy to set up and manage.

It'll help if you have an FTP manager such as extplorer. You'll be able to set up folders and upload iages in no time at all.

Top marks from me.