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bytamerax, June 12, 2009
This the best concept of a gallery system I have found. It integrates nicely with community builder and looks pretty much just like facebook.

Unfortunately, it has many issues. I purchased this about 2 months ago and it STILL doesn't work right and there has been 6 updates in that time and it still doesn't work right. The bugs I have reported only very slowly get fixed if even...

The other big issue is installation. It took me an entire evening to do to get it installed because the documentation is seriously lacking and its a pretty complicated procedure to begin with. The only reason I was even able to get it installed was because I stumbled across the solution in a totally unrelated forum.

It is also very expensive (especially when you want all the features so you have to get the "pro" addon) and considering it still doesn't work fully, I'm not overly happy. I think the developer should have waited longer and done more extensive beta testing before releasing this product and charging for it.

As I said, great concept but it still needs work. Check back in a few versions and hopefully it will be perfect. Current version i'm on is 2.2.8