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bytamirzzz, August 11, 2012
I bought this extension and it seems to be very good. Easy to install and set up, built in a modular way and a responsive support. has several shortcomings:

1. According to this extension, when you want to sell a certain content, you need to create a certain content app and a plan based on this content app. It works fine, but the problem is the developers did not take under consideration that may need to define many plans in your site. For example, let say you have a web site with 100 content items you want to sell independently. in this case you have to create a plan for each article. There is nothing wrong with that, but when the users are forwarded to the plans` screen it should list only the plans that are relevent for this article they want to buy access to (in this case only one) , but instead they see all 100 plans. that makes it very difficult for them to find out which plan to choose.

2. The extension has a plugin that is called 'content hider' that enables the admin to hide parts of the article to non-subscribers. it is based on article special tag with plan numbers. It is a good idea, but was not well implemented. instead of creating virtual content apps and using it`s number in the special tag and then create a plan based on the contnet app id, it is built directly on the plan id, that makes it very difficult to maintain. For exaple, when you use the tag in 100 articles with 2 plans and after a while, you want to add a 3rd plan.

3. They have a parameter called 'Block Non-Subscribers'. by default it is set to yes (god knows why). This parameter locks your entire site until you set it to no.

All in all, it is a good extension, but all the aforementioned issues must be fixed before I can give it 5 stars!
Owner's reply

tamirzzz, thanks for the detailed review.
I would like to clear confusion.

Regarding content: Content can be sold, as per section / category / articles. There are 3 apps, Content-app, Content ACL, Content Hider.

#1 : Content-app = is for admin only. When admin dynamically wants to change the content as per user's subscription

#2 : Content ACL : This is the app to be used for restricting content and sell it as per membership plans. (It works on Joomla articles only)

#3 : Content hider: This app helps to restrict part-of-content, as per membership plan. (It Works every where, i.e. the whole page).

Regarding 'Block Non-Subscribers' features, yes we can improve it, by providing default value to "No". Thanks for the feeback, we will fix it in next minor release.

Overall thanks a lot for taking time to write a review for PayPlans.

Happy PayPlanning !