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bytanoah, October 27, 2011
I love the JFBConnect component. It made my website, and has brought us into the social media age! I enjoy watching people sign up and comment all day long. It's been terrific.
The component is very easy to use once you get past the setup, which is kind of technical (or maybe i was just a little anxious) and it has worked flawlessly. What questions/bumps I have had were quickly answered by their Alex's amazing technical/customer service. The component really has been an answer to prayer.
The only word of caution I would offer is that buyers need to beware they will have to shell out a few more dollars to get full functionality. THIS IS A FACEBOOK THINK, NOT JFBCONNECT. Facebook has now made secured hosting a requirement to develop an app (which is one of the steps for setup)
JFBConnect does link you to a low-cost option, which is great if that's applicable. But for some, this could be a more than $100 additional purchase. This is Facebook rules, and has nothing to do with JFBConnect, but if you think you'll buy the component and be on your way, think again. Regardless of the extra expense, I would still say its well worth it!