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bytanyacohen, November 24, 2011
When I first thought of using JomSocial, I was a little weary as to whether it would do what I needed it to do. I did some research and was very impressed with the amount of plugins from 3rd party developers that could integrate with JomSocial. This proved to me that JomSocial was the leader in community networking.

With the release of 2.4, I was blown away and also distraught as I was using a very custom template and the whole css structure changed. I found the forum support overwhelming and actually found a lot of my answers on there before posting. I was able to recreate my template in a day

JomSocial now have a ticket support system and I am impressed with the level of support that has been given.

I'm due to upgrade to 2.4.1 and I am confident in the knowledge that the Component and Support team will be there should I run into any trouble.

Thanks for some awesome development!
bytanyacohen, October 28, 2011
I am not only very impressed with this app, but I am totally overwhelmed by the incredible support and the knowledge of the support team.

Thank you so much guys!