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bytaohi01, July 9, 2014
Smooth MenuMatic
This is an Excellent tool...
Easy to handle.
Thanks a lot for your work.
bytaohi01, May 26, 2011
Thank´s for a good job.
It work´s as good on Loomla 1.6.3 as it worked on on Joomla 1.5.23.
Easy to install and to handle...
bytaohi01, April 9, 2011
I have got to say the same...
Brilliant, brilliant extension!
I was was looking for a poup wich is appearing and leaving order to publicate some times frases...with advertisement.
It doesn,t takes space on the page, even it is on a modul position. It is suuuuper easy to configurate. and it works great! To cut a long story short, try it will love as i do
Thanks for great job!
bytaohi01, March 12, 2011
If you are looking for a component that is really easy to handle,and works right away than take this one... It is offering a lot of options, even it doesn´t look like. Lots of the possibilities are hidden, it takes a bit of time to figure them out. I like very much the way it is prepared...The fields where there are suppose to be. To cut a long story short... Even you are looking for something special, it´s possible. It takes you off the boring work of creating a structure etc etc.
The forum offers brilliant support...
bytaohi01, October 16, 2010
SWFobject module
I have tried several flash modules. This one is working right away. Installed, filling in the path, size of the image... works... great job. Thank you very much.
bytaohi01, October 7, 2010
I´am m using this tool on more than 20 pages. I find quite Powerful and easy to handle. The possibilities wide ranged. To cut a long story short, Thank you very much for a great job.
bytaohi01, September 3, 2010
If you want to create only a simle contact form or any other type of forms... I can recomand this program.
It impresses with its simplicity.
I've tried about 10 programs, no one has the scope of possibilities like this.
The so-called easymode makes honor to its name. All fields can be freely arranged,
even photos can be included within a form, thanks to the possibility including html.
As i have no idea about programing, i use the Joomla WISYG editor (paste and copy) if i want to make any special stuff. But under
normal circumstances, it is not required). This program invites you creating something special ...
Any question i had, was found in the forum, or within the plenty of manuals within Internet.
Thanks for a great job, well done ...