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bytarekitsme, September 28, 2014
AutoTweet Joocial
when i took a look at the list that included almost if not all the most pouplar extensions of Joomla , i realized that Extly team do listen to their customers and i just wanna say keep it up guys , bet of luck :)
bytarekitsme, December 12, 2013
you wont find a free extension with such a great support like Kunena team , simply a great forum tool , responsive and it does integrate with most popular community extensions like Community Builder,Jomsocial,EasySocial , i highly recommend you to try it out , i bet most Joomla users are using this very unique piece of work , excellent job guys, i wish to all of you more success on this wonderful tool , best regards :)
bytarekitsme, November 7, 2013
Mootools Enabler/Disabler
it does what it promises ,,,excellent little plugin,,thank you so much for this excellent free plugin,,i wish you more success :) best regards
bytarekitsme, September 21, 2013
this component is really a nice easy simple tool to use , no need to spend hours trying to understand this , thank you so much for this nice component and also for making it available for free
bytarekitsme, September 13, 2013
Template Selector
This Module is really helpful for sites that have more one template or theme as options for their site layout, i highly recommend this free nice simple module for any person who does want to show all his themes and let users choose between them , like black,white,red templates,,,keep it up ans thanks for this nice module :)
bytarekitsme, September 7, 2013
Flexi Custom Code
This Module does what it says, easy,simple,clean,,simply perfect , thanks a lot for putting much efforts to create this amazing module and making it available for public for free :)
bytarekitsme, August 31, 2013
this extension is really nice both free and commercial version , and it can be developed to better including more features, the support is amazingly supportive and too much informative, keep it up guys, much respect and love :)
bytarekitsme, August 31, 2013
there's no other solution that is simpler and cleaner better than this, this is the most suitable component for all your needs , simple installation , no code to hack or anything, integrate flawlessly with all other popular extensions , highly recommended specially the price is handy for everyone
Best Regards
bytarekitsme, June 23, 2013
Ninja Simple Icon Menu
Excellent and Unique, Yeah Perfect Module , it does give you a chance to enhance your website layout and look ,,keep it up,,i wish ya more success on your extensions :) ;)

Best Regard
bytarekitsme, June 19, 2013
AutoTweet NG
This Extension is the best one so far , no need to lie or put a fake review, i have tried it and followed their documentations , this extensions will save you hours of work trying to share your content on 3 of the largest social networking sites in order to get your site some traffic , this extension is a friendly one ,easy to use and configure nt whether if you have the free or commercial version , i would like congratulate the AUTO TWEET NG guys for this amazing work and i wish you more success
Best Regards
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your kindly words!

Extly Team

bytarekitsme, April 20, 2013
this is the best extension that provides you courses and allows you sell and buy courses,,,plus its free and integrates smoothly with Jomsocial and community builder,,,they know what they are doing,,,excellent work guys,,thanks a lot for this and for making it for free :) ;) much love and respect with my wishes for you for more success
bytarekitsme, February 5, 2013
thanks a lot for this wonderful component ,,,keep it up sir ,,,:) i wish you more success
bytarekitsme, October 21, 2012
My MP3 player and Podcast
the idea is excellent and well done about this plugin,,it does work aswell and the support is really helpful :)
bytarekitsme, October 21, 2012
My Latest Soundcloud Tracks for Jomsocial
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you're trying to create a Music Website ,,,Soundcloud is one of the biggest music website,,,imagine how much of traffic you can get if you offer them a chance to import their songs from soundcloud,,,its a nice plugin and the support is really impressive:)
bytarekitsme, October 2, 2012
Soundcloud content
nice plugin,,it does what it says ,,add simple tag and you're ready to go ,,it does work on EASYBLOG component articles too ,,well done ,,thanks :)
bytarekitsme, September 6, 2012
Top of the Page
simple ,easy to install & make it work ,,,it can't get any easier than this ,,,thumbs up to the developer ,,i highly recommend you to get this & to check his other extensions
bytarekitsme, September 5, 2012
Kide Shoutbox Lite
thanks a lot for this amazing shoutbox ,,really nice,,it works without any problem even the pro version price is really helpful ,,,thanks again ,,i luv it :)
bytarekitsme, August 24, 2012
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its really a great extension,,,what i like more about it is you can get all the modules & plugins nice gallery ,good display of profiles & its compatible with a lot of other extensions which it really makes it easy & it does work good with a lot of templates too ,,,and i totally agree on that support part , i highly recommend you this,,simply its very unique extension & comparing it to COMMUNITY BUILDER ,,its not confusing at all ,,you pay for it,,you get the full package ,,in few minutes you'll be setting your JOMSOCIAL on your site ,,,for me ,,there's no perfect extension ,,every extension got bugs & problems but we just need to be patient & cleverer in dealing with bugs & issues,,,
bytarekitsme, August 19, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
thats a great plugin ,,,really useful and its highly recommended for people who look for different
bytarekitsme, August 19, 2012
Custom Member Homepage
the concept is just great , i love the idea and its good to see some creative developers who are always on the run to develop & improve more Modules & Plugins, Components ,,nice idea,,,keep it up
Owner's reply

Thank you for the positive feedback. We strive to be innovative and think outside the box.

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