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bytarekitsme, August 16, 2012
i highly recommend everyone who is trying to build a nice website including a great blog,,easy blog will fit & meet all your needs beside surprising you , i was shocked & still by its amazing modules , i didnt see the modules till today , and i finally could include a nice slideshow displaying the latest articles in the front page and it does really good with the search engine ,,this blog is helping me getting more traffic,,,excellent features ,very professional , it'll make you wanna post more articles , plus i find the price good & so handy ,,,nice job guys,,much luv & respect and i hope you do something with Forums ,,i know yall can make some bigger ,,,best wishes for more success
bytarekitsme, August 16, 2012
Social GK5
really nice module,,it has a lot of features such colors,size & option to shows which one you want to put Google,Twitter,Facebook ,,i highly suggest you to use this if you are addicted to make it more social and by the way i am a customer there so it does fit my templates aswell ,,thanks
bytarekitsme, July 29, 2012
Blank Content
this is really nice COMPONENT ,,i am using it on my site to show another page where i can add anything i want ,,keep it up ,,thanks a lot for this wonderful extension ,,easy,simple,,,just great
bytarekitsme, June 23, 2012
so sad always the good developers go victims of prejudging & misunderstanding , misusing of their product , i am using 3 of your Modules and always before i drop a review,,,i test the product aswell and if i have any problem ,,i ask the forum then i give my review ,,,keep the good work,,,your products are great, ,,i hope people see that you are offering a lot of good modules & plugins,component and SUPPORT for FREE !!!!,,,much respect ,,wishing you more success with new products :)
Owner's reply

hi, thank you for your great review and all your encouragements, it makes me happy

bytarekitsme, June 20, 2012
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Maxi Menu CK
once again ,,,another free module got me impressed & pleased ,,, this Module is the best ,,, i am using this & slideshow & i honestly like their support,,,they are great,,imagine they did reply to my post in 3 hours / i posted mine at night then i found the reply after 3 hours,,,amazing work ,,,and the good thing is its a free module ,,,& they are very supportive not like a lot of other supports that you may pay for,,, i highly recommend you to use this & the other modules ,if you have any kind of issue i am sure they'll be happier to help you ,,,thanks a lot for your wonderful modules ,,keep the good work Sir much luv & respect !!!
bytarekitsme, June 11, 2012
this is the best so far,,i did try some other modules ,,, but nothing comparing to this module,,,,i tried it for facebook box,,,man,,it works as welll,,,thank u again
bytarekitsme, May 9, 2012
Social Sharing
it wouldnt be fair if i didnt come and submit a review ,,i am honeslty impressed by this app , to be honest ,,its really wonderful and it works fine , they guide you as well to create applications on different social sites so you can make this SOCIAL LOGIN work ,,i HIGHLY recommend you to download this,,,for the following reasons :
-it'll boost your traffics up so just imagine how many persons can join your site with one click or use ur site with facebook for example .
-its against bots if i am not wrong specially if users sign up using facebook ,twitter,myspace,,,those sites are highly configured against Bots ,so you wont need no more CAPTCHA ,
- it works as well with JOMSOCIAL & COMMUNITY BUILDER , the ones i used n still use
-its all for free
do not waste your time or money
bytarekitsme, April 22, 2012
Slideshow CK
i am using a lot of your modules ,honestly they are great and i didnt have any problem with any modules ,,this one is really nice ,,good work sir,,keep it up :)
Owner's reply

many thanks for your encouragments and your great review :)

bytarekitsme, April 17, 2012
As soon as i saw this app on jommla extensions i downloaded it and i tried the free version then i realized that its the one that i have been looking for , plus the price really did help me a lot ,, i high recommend you to get this one , simply because the support is great ,i had some questions and they replied quick with the perfect answer that keep us as customers buy products like this , i am sure Fideri will help you aswell :) ;)
bytarekitsme, April 17, 2012
Music Collection
Hello ,,i have been 'round Joomla for a couple of months and i was always looking for a component like Music collection to my first website , i am not a coder and i barely know things about sites , but i leanrt a lot in few months , i bought Music Collection Community Professional , i had some issues at first clearly because i am new in this thing social website .
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