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bytasjoomla, February 28, 2013
VM Aus Post Shipping for VirtueMart
I have used GJC Web Designs products a couple of times and found both the extension and the support "A" grade. Recently I requested some mods for the VM Australia post module. Their quote was surprisingly inexpensive but more importantly the speed of development and the follow-up serves was exemplary. This was most important as my client really needed the mod and fast!
I experienced a couple of initial problems due to my own mis-understanding of the installation process and they checked my site within minutes and my module was working as expected.
GJC Web Designs is the best outfit I have dealt with in relation to joomla and Virtuemart and my 5-star rating says it all. Thoroughly recommended
Maxi Menu CK
Having tried 4 or 5 similar menus this is by far the best I have found. It was very easy to install - just a few clicks. There are more options here than I've found elsewhere, eg, two-collum layout. The javascript animation transitions are customizable and the defaults worked best for me. It seems bug-free, unlike some others I've tried whihc work OK in some locations but can interfere with layout at times.
The subtle detail in the sliding backgrounds is very cool indeed.
It took me maybe an hr ( I have about 9 months experience with Joomla, 3 years with CSS/html) to work out where to change the background colour, and :hover state, and top menu bar bg. The top menu bar is backgrounded with 1 px wide repeating gradient strips, very carefulyl designed and I think is very nice piece of work. It was easy enough to make similar in another color to match my own color scheme. The one mystery was where to find the text colours for the drop-down (=child+ menu items.Cedrick came through with an answer to my queries within hours. Fantastic!
This is a great menu with first-class support. 11 out of 10.