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bytassie1300, December 11, 2011
Hi there,

JomSocial is a very good component! I have been using it since half a year and it was easy to install, the upgrades work right from the start. Sometimes I come across minor problems, but the support is great! The support team is always there to help you out! They really take the time to fix the problem if you have one.

I will keep using JomSocial, because to me it is the best community component there is. They have updates every couple of months with new features or better features. Also, the community fits very well to my normal website and if you need, JomSocial is very customizable.

I am a very happy customer :) Can't give them enough credit, but the JomSocial team is the best!

Cheers, Natasja
bytassie1300, November 6, 2011
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I find this a very good plugin. Everything works fine, and it looks great. However this plugin does not work when the plugin "read less text" is enabled. I find this very unfortunate, as I would really like to use this extension. I try to e-mail the developer on his site, however everything is in russian so I could not find an e-mail address. I really hope the delevelopper could help me out, cause I really want to use this great extension!

Look forward to the support.
bytassie1300, June 3, 2011
CComment Pro
Compojoom is a very good component for Joomla. It works well, but due to some mistakes with my previous component I had some issues. I had yvComment installed and the import of these comments to Compojoom did not work. Daniel, the owner of Compojoom, offered a lot of support. He even had to do a lot of extra work in my database to make the import possible. He is very helpfull and very kind, and when you post something on the forum he replies very quickly to help me out.
Compojoom CSS is also very easy to adjust and I could easily make a new CSS style template to adjust the look and feel of my website. This is due to the fact that in the back end Compojoom has a copy button of the template you can than easily adjust to your own preferences.
Compojoom is just a great component. One thing, some members of my site say that sometimes they cannot comment and that it takes to long to post there comment and that it fails. But most of the times it works just great and this is the best I have seen yet.
So enjoy Compojoom, it is worth the payment :)
Greetings, Tassie
Owner's reply

Hey Tassie,
Thank you for the NEARLY perfect review :)
The last sentences shocked me when I read them... I was on your website and I posted comments with IE8, IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and everything was looking great! Perhaps I should visit some of your members and stay behind their shoulders to figure out what they did wrong :)
Anyway, you know that I'm always open for discussion and if you present me with some use cases where the component doesn't work I will be sure to fix it immediately!

Kind Regards,